December 9-30 2016            

    Opening Reception December 9, 5-7pm.
An Urban Environment featuring work by Julia Fox and Floyd Kelley.


Moving through the urban environment we come into contact with structures that represent the values and conditions that produced them. The architecture itself is the mind, with its outlooks, beliefs and concerns, made manifest. As we continue into the future, our values reconfigure and transform. New priorities are emphasized as old ones diminish. The structures that no longer serve the changing values of the populous are left behind to the force of entropy. By abandoning the obsolete we are free to move forward into new forms that better represent the evolving concerns of the people, yet, there is considerable cost of such change as the real needs of real people are marginalized in the process. There is always collateral.

Deconstruct-Reconstruct: The Urban Environment features the work of two Philadelphia-based visual artists, Julia Fox and Floyd Kelley. Fox’s mixed media based practice is inspired by “time and the inevitability of entropy in the structures of post-industrial cities”. She is concerned with the socioeconomic implications of transforming cityscapes and their connection to the changes in cultural priorities and values. Floyd Kelley is a photographer who looks to rediscover lost and forgotten perspectives concealed by the mundane and commonplace. A life-long Philadelphian with strong memories of the city’s industrial past, Kelley is an acute observer of the forces of change that dismantle and challenge the old, simultaneously bringing forth new possibility.

The dialogue between these two artists’ work generates the types of questions we often fail to ask regarding the nature of change, time and entropy as they impact physical, as well as social realities.

JULIA FOX -artist website                                        FLOYD KELLEY -artist website