“Never Dull #6″, mixed media, 2016, 12″ x 12” (30,5×30,5 cm)


My general intent is to create an unknown visual world that uses a vocabulary of elements to represent my perception of situations, relationships and to even contemplate the uniqueness of how we perceive. I am drawn to the abstract elements of every day. I explore the possibilities of integrating the patterns and other visual structures that I observe. The work is about creating harmonious relationships between opposites – becoming excited about redundancy, discovering infinite possibilities within the mundane, finding beauty in what has been neglected, and feeling comfortable with uncertainty.




“Elegy”, oil and acrylic on birchwood, 2017, 24” x 24” x 3/4”


“I was born in 1994, and have lived in South Jersey my entire life. While I was always artistic I never seriously considered making it my vocation until I was 21 years old. Before my junior year of college I never touched a paint brush. In the words of my mentor, Berrisford Boothe, I had “my finger in a dike” my whole life. In other words I was holding back a tremendous amount of creative energy. Under his guidance I eventually mustered the courage to begin to let some of flow out of me and express my ideas in ways I had never imagined possible. I graduated Lehigh University in the fall of 2016 with a bachelor’s degree in studio art. Over the course of approximately a year I developed my unique style; what I call fractal painting. Each piece is carefully crafted according my mathematical theory of color and form. They stand as reflections of my inner mind; a maze, a puzzle, organized chaos. My biggest influence is life itself: the routine, the ritual, the way I could never really say for certain if things were coming together or falling apart. Each work to me is more than a painting. They’re the indelible marks of people I know, songs I love, feelings I can’t forget.”-Nicholas Andrew Fernandez



Floyd Kelley is a photographer who looks to rediscover lost and forgotten perspectives concealed by the mundane and commonplace. A life-long Philadelphian with strong memories of the city’s industrial past, Kelley is an acute observer of the forces of change that dismantle and challenge the old, simultaneously bringing forth new possibility.