“Heiden Hexology/Sex Magic” opening Saturday March 3rd 5-8pm

Artists Hunter Yoder and O. Henrietta Fisher will be showing their PA Hex and esoteric symbolism influenced art at Jed Williams Studio, the exhibit runs from March 3rd to May 5th 2012.

Yoder has been described by Robert Taylor of “Changes “ fame as, “The father of New Wave Hex! He synthesized the Hex art with the Runic. With that, the boundaries of possibility greatly widen. “ Yoder asserts the position that ” there is an energy in the magical signs of our Germanic ancestors.”
The work of O. Henrietta Fisher has been described by Yoder as “a marriage of Deitsch Hexerei and sexual healing and it will of great interest to see what O Henrietta does next.” She comes to this show hot after several back to back shows at THE HEX FACTORY including a one woman tour de force
This exhibit will be run in tandem with an exhibit by Jed Williams, “JED WILLIAMS: DREAMSCAPE SEMI-ABSTRACTION” at the Hex Factory, the art space/gallery owned and operated by Hunter Yoder located at 2030 E. Cumberland St. in Philadelphia. You can read the joint press release at:
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