“Sofya Mirvis: Image Mixtures” Nov.23 2013-Jan. 12 2014

Jed Williams Gallery is proud to present its first solo artist exhibit focusing exclusively on mixed media/collage, featuring work by Sofya Mirvis.

The exhibit will run from Saturday November 23rd 2013 to Sunday January 12th 2014.

"Cuckoo's nest" by Sofya Mirvis

“Cuckoo’s nest” by Sofya Mirvis

In the words of Sofya Mirvis: “Image Mixtures addresses an aspect of drawing and painting by means of displaying source imagery. Originally used to develop ideas for paintings, the practice of cutting, compiling, and altering found imagery has grown into a separate body of work to be viewed in context with itself. These works highlight the relationship between the figure and its environment . changing the role of the figure with each repositioning.”

You can view the press release at:



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