ZONK Pop Up Art and Fashion show–on view until January 28th

 ZONK Pop Up (ART Show & More) on display until Jan. 28, 2014…art, fashions, accessories, video by Eric ZONK

This special fashion/art show  includes bow ties, hair beaus, fashion bows, throw pillow covers, circle/infinity scarves, patches, drawings, paintings and more by local Philadelphia artist/fashion-maker Eric Zonk!


Eric Zonk is a visual/fashion/performance artist whose work and performances are well known across Philadelphia and many other places such as Chicago and New York City. For over 15 years Zonk has been exhibiting his artwork and performing for large as well as intimate audiences. Zonk’s visual art and performance all spring from the same well of funky, cosmic-spiritual creativity. Studying Fashion Design at the Philadelphia Art Institute inspired him to create more fashion which to him is 3-dimensional sculptural art on the human form. Eric Zonk’s many creative pursuits also include having been the owner/director of Zonk Arts Gallery, a Queen Village/Bella Vista creative hot spot, which coincidentally was where Jed Williams had his first group show ever.

You can find out more about Zonk at: http://zonkarts.wordpress.com/


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