FLORA/FAUNA now on view


May 10-June 27th 2014

an art installation designed and curated by Anna Cherniahivsky

view of planter pallet installation


"Deckled edge  innocence" by Lesley Haas

“Deckled edge innocence”
by Lesley Haas

Planted Palettes and pockets will populate the walls of the Gallery with art and life, in celebration of spring and reemergence. The installation will feature a vertical garden wall and art works byLesley Haas, Dana Henry, Common Zen Savvy, Rachel Blythe Udell  and the opening will feature a wearable art fashion show by Ruth Schanbacher and Rachel Blythe Udell.

The handmade plant vessels featured are made primarily of recycled/repurposed materials. The pallets were collected in the area and refashioned in a variety of colors and configurations. The plant pockets are embellished by local artists and made of reclaimed fabrics, lined for water retention, (with otherwise landfill-bound) used chip or food bags.

Intermingled art pieces include vegetable papyrus and paper-pulp creature sculptures, among other items. The installation is offered up as a living growing art community space. You are invited to come to any of our  events and plant a seed or use the paint markers and materials provided to add your touch to the group or ‘gang palettes’ in the space.


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