THIS SATURDAY June 14th 3-4pm Free wearable art workshop

Ruthie Schanbacher will demo the method she used to create the fabulous garments you see pictured and there will be supplies for you to join in and start making your own!

The workshop is FREE.

Please RSVP to: (so we can get a sense of how many are coming).

Please bring your own scissors (and rotary cutter and cutting mat-if you have these). Also bring your own fabrics and sixpack holders and other embelishments to use, or share, if you’d like.
Ruth Schanbacher is the curator/editor of, a Mummer and an artist and crafter on many fronts.


Ruth has been creating wearable art with a sculptural component with reclaimed materials that are featured in FLORA/FAUNA.  This started as a collaborative project with ZigZag art collective. Each piece can be worn in a variety of ways; as a cape, a shirt, a skirt. Pieces are modular, and can be attached to each other, layered, or detached and reformed. These are no-sew items, created by cutting and knotting fabric, yarn, plastic and rope to matrix of plastic six-pack holders. Great craft for a range of age/skill levels.

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