THIS FRIDAY June 27 6-9pm-FLORA/FAUNA Closing Reception

FLORA/FAUNA has had a great run. As promised, plants, people and art commingled for a springtime celebration of the powers of resilience and renewal inherent in plants and artist. The opening and show was well attended, our workshops; (Paper making with Lesley Haas and Costume making with Ruthie Schanbacher ) were productive and well enjoyed.
Come out and celebrate with us- at our closing party! Come view and sniff the (over) 9′ (pallet) plant wall, have a drink and listen to the ‘flora/fauna’ soundscape featuring sounds by TicTacOh, HORSEY and others; amidst the work of Lesley Haas, Dana Henry, Common Zen Savvy, Ruthie Schanbacher and Rachel Blythe Udell.

We will also be having another live demo of the Ruthie Schanbacher wearable art collection.

We hope you can join us!

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