Through January 22: Art by John Speaker and ROCKERS CLOSET Pop up shop

"Awakening", acrylic on wood, 16 X 20 inches

“Awakening”, by John Speaker, acrylic on wood, 16 X 20 inches

Creating artwork is a practice through which one can contemplate, experiment, and uncover insights. When the brush hits the canvas, it’s as if time stops and the artist is invited to sway harmoniously with the universe.  Each brush stoke layered upon the next to create an object radiating hope, compassion, love, and happiness – reflecting our true nature back to us. My goal is to create art that wakes the viewer to higher and more beautiful states of being than our common experience permits.”- John Speaker



 Rockers Closet will be showcasing its merch and wares at Jed Williams Gallery until January 22.  Rockers Closet is a vintage thrift store, based in Philadelphia, featuring a stylish mix of hand picked garments for men and women, ranging in price from 1-100$. 

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