“Create In Situ–CONVOLUTION”–last days to see the exhibit

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closing reception: Friday April 25, 5-7pm



1. a coil or twist, especially one of many                                                                                  

2. a function derived from two given functions by integration that expresses how the   shape of one is modified by the other

 Jed Williams Gallery’s first ever New Media exhibit features 2 video installations, “Tesseract” and “Proceed”, along with prints featuring stills from the video installations, all by Philadelphia new media collaborative Create In Situ,LLC.

      Create In Situ, LLC was founded in 2009 by interdisciplinary artists Sarah Zimmer & Kim Brickley. Together they explore the dynamic layers of perceptual experience, place, and time.  Their work examines the psychological, social, and emotional effects of place, transforming each site into an immersive, and sometimes interactive, experience.

      A diverse team of professional consultants and creative partners extend their vision. They collaborate with the community at all phases, in order to create transformative works.  Create In Situ is dedicated to expanding the role of new media, technology, and physical computing in both private and public works of art.

The work of Create In Situ, LLC has been featured in numerous venues nationally such as  The Artist House in Philadelphia (“Proceed”, group show 2014)Michael Steinberg Fine Art in NYC (“Happy Endings”, 2008), Bahdeebahdu in Philadelphia (“Hack 2.0”a group show curated by Andrew Zahn, 2013), Projects Gallery (Philadelphia) and Slaughterhouse Gallery (Pittsburgh);Their work also expands into the public sphere.  Within 2 years, CIS was a design finalist for two national competitions involving interactive light installations, the first in Philadelphia, the second in Washington DC


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