The Stoopid-Naturull Spring Pop-up Art Show

FRIDAY JUNE 5th   7pm-9pm


Get your artsy awesomeness on at this funky audio-visual Spring celebration, featuring mixed media paintings and collaborative live multimedia, by Juan Dimida, Jombi Supastar and James Tafel Shuster.

Please note that the artwork will remain on display noon-2pm Saturday June 3 and Sunday June 4.

Jed Williams Gallery welcomes back Juan Dimida and Jombi Supastar, who have previously shown at Jed Williams Gallery . Jombi first exhibited his mixed media paintings, collages/works on paper in “Jombi Supastar-candy flipping'”, Nov. 1-Dec. 20 2014; and Dimida was actually one the very first artists to show at Jed Williams Gallery (“Juan Dimida/Judy Engle June 28-July 31 2011, along with several events in 2014 where Juan put his funkitudinal electronic music and video/multimedia skills to excellent use!   And, last but not least, we are also very excited to display paintings by James Tafel Shuster.  Shuster has shown throughout the Philadelphia area and currently produces new work in his Germantown studio.  According to Shuster, “The human form and portrait, and especially the personality of any individual, have been main focuses and sources of inspiration in my work. A camera is capable of freezing a person’s image in place, but my paintings strive to allow the image to move and the personality to be the element that is frozen.”

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