Some thoughts about Yasmin Nezhad’s works

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When I look at Yasmin Nezhad’s work, I can see that there’s an ethereal quality which is however somehow blended with a great emphasis on texture, and sometimes very visceral collage.  Her itles are simple but evocative, often have to do with astronomy –“Blue Mars”, a general feeling involving elements of nature– “Sun Scene” or a part of the picture that stands out (“Window”, “Volcano”). Maybe the titles keep the “out-there” atmosphere of the works grounded in some kind of way we can “relate, or get in to” them.

There is  real technical proficiency here.The artist herself has spoken of all the layers she creates… but it culminates in a fresh, spontaneous yet heaviness and depth as the almost subliminal counterpoint..

“Sun Scene II”, Yasmin Nezhad, 48″x36″, acrylic on canvas, $1500


“Galaxy I”, Yasmin Nezhad, 48″x30″, acrylic on canvas, $4000

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