Floyd Kelley is a photographer who looks to rediscover lost and forgotten perspectives concealed by the mundane and commonplace. A life-long Philadelphian with strong memories of the city’s industrial past, Kelley is an acute observer of the forces of change that dismantle and challenge the old, simultaneously bringing forth new possibility.




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“Drive my Car”, oil on canvas by Jed Williams

Jed Williams was born in Philadelphia, USA, in 1975 and brought up in Paris, France; he is a French and American dual citizen now based in Philadelphia, USA. He graduated from the University of the Arts (BFA in Painting and Drawing, 2000) and the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts (Certificate in Painting, 2005), both located in Philadelphia, and has been exhibiting his work in various venues ever since. And, since 2010, he also own/runs Jed Williams Gallery, a contemporary fine arts venue showcasing local, mostly visual 2D emerging and mid-career artists, along with his own art process.

Jed works on his images in different kinds of media: oil paint, acrylic, mixed media; his art stems from a wish to blend a more formalist, expressionistic abstract tradition with a conceptual quest nourished by his interest in the human figure, pop and mythological culture, and different forms of spirituality, along with a dose of whimsy and street art. The images Jed makes simultaneously stem from intense inner turmoil and wonder expressing itself in his fascination with certain objects, images and symbols, which he observes and works from. The objects, images and symbols he chooses to work from possess “loaded” meanings as well as symbolic societal and cultural connotations.