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Craig Stover: Prints @ Jed Williams Gallery

October 1 – 31, 2017

Opening Reception October 7, 2017


September 7, 2017 – JED WILLIAMS GALLERY is proud and excited to announce its first exhibition of the work of CRAIG STOVER. Stover will wallpaper the gallery space with over 150 unique, one-of-a-kind linocut prints, often made with a reduction process using just one plate. In this process, each print is a unique Artist Proof and there is no official edition of any of the images since the plate itself gets destroyed in the process. In a fresh curatorial twist, JWG presents its first exhibit devoted entirely to printmaking. Moreover, this is Craig Stover’s first all-print exhibition and all of the works show stem from this newfound interest in the technique of linocuts.

About Craig Stover:

Many people know of Craig Stover as a painter, printmaker and sculptor while others know him as the Executive Director of Allens Lane Art Center in Philadelphia. In either context, Craig has found a way to use his imagination, creativity and skills to engage a wide audience of people into the arts. His love of the arts and the impact it has on audiences is a prime driver in his life and he relishes in the idea that it will always be a part of who he is.

Stover’s imagery, from surrealist landscapes and figures to his more recent return to pure abstraction, all have a hidden autobiographical element built within them. His interest in art history also gives viewers glances of references to other artists and artistic movements within his work. His work reveals his love of art, his love of art history and his love of the materials art is made from.

Stover fell in love with printmaking in his teen years and has been producing works ever since. Around 2010, he began extensively exploring the use of linocuts and has produced several different series of works which continues to this day. Rather than using the printmaking technique to make multiple editions, he is using printmaking to make unique artist proofs by varying the colors and sequences in which they are applied. In this way, he’s using printmaking more as a way of making unique works of art while allowing him the freedom to experiment with color.

Stover’s recent showings include exhibitions at Cerulean Arts Gallery. While pursuing his art career, he has also worked with many prominent Philadelphia arts organizations such as the Philadelphia Art Alliance, The Avenue of the Arts, the Snyderman-Works Galleries, CFEVA and the Woodmere Museum of Art.

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Please join us for an opening reception October 7, 2017 from 5-7pm. Private press previews and artist studio visits are available prior to the opening by appointment only. Show runs from October 1-31 at Jed Williams Gallery, 615 Bainbridge St. Philadelphia.

About Jed Williams Gallery: Named one of the top art galleries in Bella Vista and Queen Village by Philadelphia Magazine (March 2015), Jed Williams Gallery is a unique art space owned and operated since 2010 by artist Jed Williams. JWG showcases up-and-coming and inspiring artists from the Philadelphia area. Artists featured are from all backgrounds including classically trained as well as self-taught outsider artists. The gallery shows a variety of thoughtful, cutting edge high quality works ranging from 2D, mixed media and painting, to video, installation and sculpture.

“Fight Club”, 2017